Today, it is thought that identifying sportsmen’ or sportswomen’ abilities and performance potentials to be developed would be possible through talent scanning. As their talent structure determines not only their hair and eye color but also all metabolic process, it is the indication of which sport branch we predispose to. When these are reviewed, it is understood that gender, age, anatomical characteristics, physiological equilibrium, nervous system, cardio-vascular structure and basic or auxiliary abilities are among the determinants of sportive performance. Therefore, one of the most important factors during talent selection is talent characteristics of sportsmen or sportswomen because genes are to interact with each other despite they appear working alone and act together in formation of hereditary characteristics, so hereditary factors enables itself to be transferred from generations to generations. Thus, we will make inferences how much of the outstanding talents and skills demonstrated at the end of exercises performed to increase performance are dependent on talent characteristics. In the light of these information, Holland Ice Academy believe that using talent scanning as a tool in the talent selection to bring talent characteristics can be possible. As a result, Holland Ice Academy pay attention to select talented children at early ages and with correct methods such as IQ, EQ, athletic abilities, health, environmental sensibility, creativity, etc. is very important for long-term higher sportive performance.