A method of turning that is executed using two (2) feet such as Choctaws
and Mohawks.
i. Choctaw - A step from one foot to the other in which the curve of the exit edge is opposite to that of the entry edge. The change of foot is from outside edge to inside edge or inside edge to outside edge. The entry and exit edge are of equal depth;
ii. Mohawk - A step from one foot to the other in which the entry and exit curves are continuous and of equal depth. The change of foot is from and outside edge to and outside edge or and inside edge to an inside edge.

Linking steps

The visible tracing on the ice that is executed on one (1) or two (2) feet. They may consist of an edge, change of edge, chasses, cross rolls, crossovers, progressives, toe steps moving, dance jumps and small hops. Linking steps may be used as connecting steps between turns in the Step Sequence Additional Features and in Features;
i. Change of edge - The visible tracing on the ice that changes from one distinct curve to another distinct curve with no change of foot;
ii. Chasse - A series of two (2) edges (usually outside, inside) in which on the second edge the free foot is place on the ice beside the skating foot, but not ahead of or behind it, and the free foot is lifted with the blade parallel to the ice;
iii. Cross Roll - A roll started with the action of the free foot approaching the skating foot from the side so as to strike the ice almost at right angles to the skating foot, started forward with the feet crossed in front or backward with the feet crossed behind;
iv. Dance Jump - A small jump of not more than one (1) revolution used to change feet or skating direction;
v. Edge - The visible tracing on the ice produced by a Skater skating on one foot that is on a distinct curve;
vi. Flat - The visible double tracing on the ice that is straight (imprinted by the Skater skating on one (1) foot on both edges of the blade);
vii. Progressive / Run - A step or sequence of steps in which the free foot passes the skating foot before it is placed on the ice, thereby bringing the new free foot off the ice trailing the new skating foot;
viii. Small Hop - A small jump without revolution;
ix. Toe Steps - A step where the Skaters move from one (1) toe pick to the other toe pick without.