Emre Yunus SAMSA

Emre Yunus Samsa, who is general manager of Holland Ice Academy, started his professional career life in 1999-2000 with receiving the education of Artistic Ice Skating Coaching and Ice Hockey Coaching. After that, until 2009, he worked as a coach and a chairman in many sports club in Turkey. Thanks to getting some experiences have led to his career in many countries between 2010-2014.

The desire to bring successes, experiences, and philosophy in his professional career life to future generations has led to establish an academy, he has taken a new step in establishing the Ice Sports Academy in Holland due to where it is the close to the countries where talented ice sportsmen and sportswomen are located in order to realize his goals. He always gives a particular worth to keep in mind the importance of education, ethics, respect, discipline and hard-working in the Academy in order to shed a light on his future achievements.