In the begining of 2018, we have started negotiations with Yunus Emre Islamitische basisschool in order to lead our children to ice sports. During the negotiations, we told the school management about our vision, mission and goals to bring their students together, because this school has 1,300 students and this number was quite charming for our academy because we knew that there was more potential students for being athletes of their futures. So, we started to prepare for this school to create a joint work by making presentations and posters. After that, we first started working with Beresteinlaan School. 170 children who wanted to be interested in ice sports joined in the first section and then 55 of these children got permission from her parents to take part in our academy. With the sports activities, we tried to find out which children are fit the purpose of doing ice sports, and then we chose 28 of these children. During the training sessions, these children were separeted by 2 group to discover the best talented and we were convinced that 10 of these children are able to start ice sports in our academy.